HYPERREAL started as a simple pet project with one goal: build beautiful websites. We discovered along the way that there is a competitive market for web designers and digital marketers. However, we noticed that few agencies actually take the time to develop websites and digital marketing strategies that are unique to their clients. We wanted to do things differently at HYPERREAL and so we like to think of our work as a collaboration. 

When we work with a new client we want to know everything about their business. We want to know what they do best, what they could improve on, and what it is they hope to achieve by entering the digital world. 

Our aim is to create websites, digital marketing campaigns, and online shops that are entirely specific to the needs of our clients. We believe that by creating unique and exciting digital content we get higher levels of engagement from customers which in turn produces results for our clients.

At HYPERREAL we believe that the internet is omnipotent – meaning that it has unlimited power. We believe that the internet makes absolutely anything possible. We’re now all connected and have access to information like never before. 

We want to help people and businesses use the power of the internet to achieve success. Small and medium sized businesses often don’t have the resources to employ a full time digital marketer or website designer to manage and oversee their online profile. In the digital age this can mean they lose business and risk being overtaken by their competitors. We want to save businesses time, money, and effort by providing our digital services and know-how at competitive rates.

At HYPERREAL we build websites for everyone: businesses, professionals, non-profits, side projects, hobbyists, musicians, artists, bloggers, creatives, and more. We love working with new people and businesses and learning why they are great at what they do. We want the internet to be for everyone.


DESIGN – we work with our clients to get an identify the style and look they want for their website and profiles.

BUILD – we work with our design brief and use it to build something beautiful, responsive, and functional.

MARKET – we help you get the word out about your new online venture using digital marketing & SEM.

GROW – we use rigorous analysis, keyword research, SEO, social media, and more to hep you grow and succeed. 

Website Design

Fully responsive website design. Our websites are built to reflect the needs of your business. We focus on beautiful design and fluid functionality.

Social Media

We can help you to maximise your reach across social media channels and help turn likes into tangible business and enquiries.


The internet has made the world smaller. You can now reach more customers than ever by selling online. Increase sales and profits for your business.

Analysis & Research

We use the latest tools & techniques to provide our clients with in-depth reports on their digital reach. Audience research, customer acquisition, sales conversions.

Email Marketing

We still believe in the good old-fashioned email. We run beautiful newsletter and marketing campaigns using Mailchimp to help with remarketing and retention.

PR & Networking

Want to grow your online business *offline*? We've got a network in place to help our clients reach customers, sponsors, affiliates, and more!

We are a Scottish based Web Design & Digital Marketing agency. We are based in various locations throughout Scotland and the rest of the United Kingdom. Our full range of web and digital services are available to people and businesses both locally and nationally. Get in touch with us to arrange an introduction and find out what we could do for you.

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