In the digital age, social media can help make or break a business. You don’t have to search far on Google to find hundreds of examples of businesses growing at extraordinary rates all because they used social media platforms to their advantage.

At HYPERREAL we help turn likes into sales and followers into footfall. When we start working with our clients we identify their target audience and use this to create a bespoke social media strategy. We can help our clients use collected data to create highly targeted, quality content that will help their business gain a following online.

We offer social media support and management as part of our digital marketing subscriptions. We can help you use social media effectively to reach new customers and build your brand.

We use the latest digital marketing tools to research and identify the hottest trends across different social media platforms. This can include finding popular hashtags, discovering funny memes, monitoring influencer reach, as well as spotting emerging trends as and when they develop.

We use our trend analysis in our content creation and marketing strategy. This means our clients benefit from having exciting and up-to-date social media campaigns that help increase following and reach.

At HYPERREAL we spend time identifying your target audience. We look at data collected from Facebook Insights, Twitter Analytics, Hootsuite, and many more to discover key audience demographics. 

We use this data to research and understand your audience. We can then get a clearer idea of who exactly you are looking to connect with. This allows us to create audience specific content intended to maximise engagement and reach.

All of our clients receive an in-depth target audience profile. Clients with a Premium or Elite digital marketing subscription receive ongoing audience tracking and detailed reports regarding growth, engagement rates, competitor analysis and more!


Everyone (well 1.52 billion people) uses Facebook to see what's happening in the world and stay connected. It's a must have for any business.


Twitter lets you immediately connect with your audience. It's great for keeping people informed with the latest news and events from your brand.


Show off what your business does and what makes you unique. Grow your profile and get an engaged, trend-following audience.


The social network for professionals, interested parties, businesses, and those looking for meaningful connections.


Engage with your audience, tell your story, gain worldwide exposure. YouTube was once called the future of television and now the future is here.


Create and share fun, real-time content with a young, trendy and technologically savvy audience. Great way to stand out and build your brand.


Help people find your website and creative content. Ideal for creatives, bloggers, fashionistas, designers, makeup artists and more!

We know it can be hard to come up with engaging content AND run your business at the same time. Let HYPERREAL do it for you! We can help you with everything from writing tweets, creating instagrammable diagrams and pictures, writing SEO driven blog posts, making fun Facebook posts, and everything else in between. We work in collaboration with our clients to devise a “content guide” which we then implement across various social media platforms in order to strengthen the brand.

Influencers are people who have large online following. They can be anyone from celebrities to athletes, gamers to foodies, beauty gurus to models. They are known as influencers because what they say and do matters. More specifically, if they endorse or promote a product on their social media channels, their followers may be more inclined to purchase that product.

At HYPERREAL we recognise the importance of influencers in trend-setting and marketing. As a client, you will gain access to our growing influencer network which is amazing for getting the word out about a new product quickly. Please get in touch with us to find out more.

Facebook Business is the advertising and marketing branch of the social media giant Facebook. It is full of helpful marketing tools that can be used to increase awareness of your brand or organisation on Facebook.

We can help our clients create quality advertising content, identify their target audience, establish on-going paid advertising campaigns, and much more! Facebook ads are useful for people and businesses looking to:

    • Promote their Facebook Page to a wider audience
    • Get their posts seen by more people
    • Get more likes for their page
    • Market directly to people who have specific interests